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Invest in Oregon NOW - it's time.............


On Monday, the K-12 State School Fund Budget was voted out of the Senate and is now on its way to the Governor’s desk. I will be clear - this is not a celebratory email. It’s a plea for your help. The budget that the Senate passed is woefully inadequate and falls close to $265 million short of giving our students the stability they need and the schools they deserve. The Community College budget proposal currently falls more than $15 million short of where we need to be.

 We need you to ask for more. The legislative session is far from over and we must let legislators know that having the third largest class sizes in the country and one of the shortest school years is unacceptable. That they can do better.

 Legislators who sit on the Ways and Means budget committee will be hosting a budget hearing in Gresham to share this budget proposal and to get feedback from community members on how the budget will affect you. We must show them that our schools need more money share our stories.

 We all know what cuts to our schools mean – but the budget committee doesn’t. Can you please come to the hearing near you and tell them what underfunding our schools will mean for your classroom, for your building, and you as an educator?

 Now is the time for you to show up and tell your story about how budget cuts will impact your classroom and your students. These hearings might be our last chance to share thoughts on the budget this year. Sign up here.

 I hope we can count on you being there. (If you can’t, can you forward this to 3 people and ask them to come? Or share your story here?)


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Download the New 2014-17 Contract

Settlement Summary from Bargaining

All past Bargaining newsletters and information can be found on the Bargaining page

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Organization Assessment Results 2014 - download

TELL Survey Results are now public and can be found here -

All Gresham-Barlow Schools data is listed below if you want to find it more quickly

Tell Survey Data Results

Summary of Elementary Schools

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Download the Teacher Evaluation Handbook created by the District and the Association

Download the Specialist Evaluation Handbook created by the District and the Association

Download the New Teacher Evaluation Standards that have been put out by the State of Oregon

Overall a teachers will be evaluated on professional practice, professional responsibilities, and student performance. Student performance must be a "significant" part of teacher evaluation


The state has begun adopting Common Core curriculum and materials, they even have some resources for teachers if you follow the link to their web site


Crisis Information from the NEA

School Crisis Guide, Teacher Tools, and Parent Tools____________________________________________________________