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Download the latest bargaining update and read The Word

We need ALL MEMBERS to attend the School Board meeting this Thursday, 6:30pm at the DO!!!


Download the latest edition of the GBEA Bargaining newsletter The Word


Thanks to the over 150 GBSD teachers that came to CAL and supported the bargaining team!! Please watch for more updates on this site regarding bargaining and organizing.

9:00am - the mediatior checked in with both teams who are trying to finish the package proposal's that were left after the last mediation session.

9:30am - the two teams are discussing one final article in the package, tuition reimbursement.

10:30am - the two teams were able to agree and sign off on the package proposal that they had been working on since the last mediation session in December. The package includes the following articles:

Article 4 - Rights of Members
Article 9 - Evaluation
Article 10 - Position, Transfers and Vacancies
Article 15 - Unpaid Leaves
Article 20 - Tuition Reimbursement/ Professional Development
Article 26 - Salary Checks
Article 31 - Extra-Duty Compensation

11:40am - the district gave the GBEA a large package proposal which included articles:

Article 23 - Work Year
Article 24 - Hours and Workload
Article 25 - Salary
Article 29 - Insurance
Article 34 - Term of Agreement

The GBEA is currently processing this package proposal.

5:00pm - the GBEA has created a final package proposal which includes ALL remaining articles that have yet to be agreed on and has presented it to the district. The articles included are:

Article 8 - Classroom Discipline
Article 11 - Reduction in Force
Article 18 - Safe Working Conditions
Article 23 - Work Year
Article 24 - Hours and Workload
Article 25 - Salary
Article 29 - Insurance
Article 34 - Term of Agreement

7:30pm - the district gave the GBEA a counter proposal which included all articles but no significant movement from their previous proposal. The two sides have agreed to meet again on Tuesday, February 28th at CAL for another mediation session. There are only 8 articles remaining to be bargained.


The January edition of the Eastwind is now available.


The January 2012 issue of GBEA News is available only in hard copy. It was distributed January 4th to schools. If you did not receive your copy, please contact Christine Bierman at Russell or West Orient Middle Schools. You will want to read inspiring and compelling articles in this issue by Regina Norris and Elizabeth Larsen. Don't miss out! I apologize for the inconvenience.



The strength of the association comes from the membership, not the leadership. Whether or not we strike is up to the membership and its involvement in the process.  The district notices the number of members who attend bargaining sessions, board meetings, rallies, pickets, mediation, or take part in organizing activities, etc.  If they see a large number of members, they know that the membership is concerned and willing to fight for a fair contract.  If not, they know that they can do/take away whatever they want with little or no repercussion.

You should have received, several times, the District’s current proposal.  A majority of their proposal to change the language in our contract has nothing to do with the money crisis in our state at this time.  With increased class sizes and fewer or no resources, you deserve better language--not language that will make your job more difficult and be a detriment to your students!  If the district does not see or hear from the 600 teachers of the GBEA, they will implement their offer and we will either have to accept it or go on strike.  Are you willing to teach under their current proposal?

The next mediation date has been set:  Friday, January 20, 2012 at CAL.  Join us at 4:00pm for a rally, snacks and an update from your bargaining team.

~ Regina Norris

3 Questions for GBEA members

1) Do you think someone else is going to do the work to get this contract settled?

While we enjoyed two well-supported actions, the Board work session and the initial mediation session, our success depends on each of us stepping up; yes, a little more sacrifice at the end of an exhausting day, to be sure the District is continuously kept aware of our impatience and need for a fair contract. Four of our members stepped up at the local FM store where I was “grading papers”. Your participation is urgently requested.  Do what you can.

2)  Do you believe that the terms of the District’s proposal will meet your needs for compensation, collaboration, and consideration of your time needs?

It is vitally important that you attend your building meetings, read the information posted on the GBEA website and consider what is really important to you as a teacher and as a tax payer in your community. If your building reps are not forwarding information to you, contact a GBEA officer and ask questions.

3) Have you read your contract?

You know, the one that we have now, that ensures you will be protected from unwarranted discipline, unpaid work, and meetings without end.  If you do not read your contract, you will not understand the power and benefit of a negotiated agreement between two working parties. Please, get involved, get informed and support your own future by acting now!

~ Jean Black-Groulx


Join your fellow colleagues for a Community Day of Action in and around Gresham. On January 12th GBEA members will be attending the following locations to do school work. Please plan to attend one of the following locations, bring classwork to do, and most importantly BRING A COLLEAGUE with you! See you there.

Cafe Delirium
Jazzy Bagel
Gresham Library
Gresham Fred Meyer
(coffee area)
Flying Pie Pizza