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Proposed Budget Released

Today, Tuesday, March 29, the Co-Chairs of the Joint Ways and Means Committee (the folks charged with drafting budgets for K12, community colleges and all other critical state-supported services) released their proposed budget. The budget for community colleges, according to the Co-Chairs, is “near or above the Governor’s recommended budget” of $410 million.
The proposed budget for K12 is $5.7 billion.
This is an unacceptable and devastating level of investment in our schools. The $5.7 billion is an initial appropriation and schools would have the opportunity to add $56 million more in the second year of the biennium, depending on the economy.  The Co-Chairs budget utilizes $100 million of the Education Stability Fund (ESF), but leaves nearly $200 million of ESF dollars behind.
In response, OEA President Gail Rasmussen joined education advocates to ask the legislature to do better and invest more from the Education Stability Fund. For every $100 million more invested in schools, it’s the equivalent of protecting nearly 1,110 educator jobs or avoiding cutting a full week of school for all Oregon students.

This is where you come in! We need you to:

1)    Contact both your State Representative and State Senator Today! Tell them:
• Oregon students need you to Invest in Schools Now!
• Use available reserves and the rainy day fund TODAY to avoid more layoffs, lost programs and cut days.
Investing now in schools is the pathway out of our economic crisis.

2)     Tell your legislator (and us!) how $5.7 billion funding will impact your local schools.
  Go here to read the full Co-Chairs Proposed Budget.


Mt. Hood Community College in Crisis
Since January of 2010, the Full-Time Faculty Association at Mt. Hood Community College has been trying to negotiate a new contract with the Board of Directors. The Board has stalled on negotiations for over a year. Mediation has failed. The Board has refused to budge from its initial proposal which would strip faculty of rights and attack wages. Faculty may be forced to strike. 
Keep up to date at :

Join us in Congratulating Tina Hargaden, GBEA President Elect Middle School!
Tina, who is a Language Arts Teacher at Gordon Russell, was recently awarded a $2000 NEA Learning and Leadership Grant. Congratulations!

Here's a great way to stay on top education related legislation in your area. Go to:


The 51 Fund 
Legislation similar to Wisconsin's--stripping unions of the right to protect workers and negotiate collectively for better wages and benefits for the struggling middle-class--is cropping up in state capitals across the nation. Across the country people are uniting to support efforts to defend these rights. Contribute to the 51 Fund to support these efforts.



Applications are now being accepted for the 20010-2011 School Year

Careers in Education Scholarship for High School Students (.pdf)

Due April 8th, 2011

Cyrus Harshfield, Scholarship Committee Chair, 503-674-5500