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School Board unanimously votes for unilateral implementation, teachers previous contract is no longer valid

 The GBEA is organizing an ALL MEMBER MEETING. A presentation will be given by the Bargaining and Organizing teams with regard to next steps and potential future actions.  All questions will be answered by GBEA leadership and OEA support staff.  See you at the Gresham High School cafeteria on Thursday, April 5th at 4:30pm.  Plan on staying for 1-2 hours, depending upon how long the Q and A session takes.

Bargaining Update - The Word 3/20

Don't forget to wear Red on Tuesdays and Black on Fridays

GBEA Crisis Leaflet for Parents and the Community, also in Spanish

Thank you to the 1500+  members of Gresham-Barlow, Reynolds, Parkrose, Centennial, Portland, David Douglas, Lake Oswego, North Clackamas, Wy’East, ESEA, Jobs with Justice, Mt. Hood CC, Gresham Fire Department, and others who attended the rally Tuesday night at Gresham High School and then picketed the District Office.

Mediation Tuesday, March 20th at CAL

The district has told the GBEA that they only intend to bargain from 9am to 3:30pm. The district has told the GBEA that the CAL center will be locked at 3:30 pm and NO MEMBERS will be allowed to come inside.

9:00am - the mediation session is about to begin, updates will be given online as they happen, please check back periodically for updates.

9:30am - after talking with the district the mediatior presented the GBEA with a package proposal that included articles 8 and 18, classroom discipline and safe working conditions, both as current contract. This proposal does not address any of the concens which have been expressed by the GBEA over the past 11-months of bargaining.

The remainder of the articles were put together into a second package proposal which included a few alterations. In article 11, RIF, competence would be determined by time members have spent within the district and not within the last 5-years. Retraining has also been removed as a component for retaining teachers during the RIF process. In article 24, hours and workload, the district has stated that meetings which require all members to attend would be limited to 4 per month, and work that occurs outside of the regular work day would be limited to 2 evenings per year instead of 8-hours per year. Members would continue to be able to elect trade or pay time for attending these events. All other articles, 23, 25, 29, and 34, remain the same as their previous proposals.

The most recent package proposal by the district returns some of their proposed changes in article 24 to current contract language, but maintains many significant changes that would affect prep time and the structure of the work day for teachers. The district's proposed change in article 11, RIF, represents a major change from current contract language.

10:00am - the GBEA is creating a response to the district's two package proposals.

10:30am - the GBEA sent the mediator with clarifying questions up to speak to the district.

10:50am - the mediator presented the answers and explanations given to him from the district.

12:15pm - the GBEA has created a counter proposal for the district which includes ALL of the open articles left on the bargaining table. The proposal includes SIGNIFICANT movement by the GBEA in regard to the districts requested common Wednesday late start schedule and non-block schedule at the high schools. The GBEA hopes that the district seriously considers this package proposal as it demonstrates our desire to reach a fair contract before the mediation session ends at 3:30pm today.

2:45pm - the district has refused to respond with a counter propoal to the GBEA's latest package proposal.

3:45pm - while the GBEA was preparing a response the district's bargaining team walked away from mediation. The GBEA takes this action to mean that the district does not have any intention of completing bargaining before the scheduled implementation on March 22.

List of changes the district intends to implement as part of their February 28th proposal:

RIF members based upon seniority or “competence” as determined by the district without the possibility of retraining

Receive no step or COLA increase for all of next school year

Receive a $6 per month increase in insurance starting next year (a 0.6% increase)

Cut 2.6% of your salary from this year (5 day cuts) and remove the money from your remaining checks

Cut up to 2.6% of your salary from next year (up to 5 days cut of the district’s choice)

Reduce prep time at ALL LEVELS by having a common Wednesday professional development time

Removes the requirement that the district consult with the GBEA before creating an annual calendar

Removes the requirement that the district receive input from staff, and reach consensus, before changing the structure of the work day at all levels

Allows the district to create positions with hours that are different than their regular building hours

Allows for ALL counselors to be used as substitutes for up to 2-hours per day

Refuses to address any of the GBEA's concerns regarding violent and medically fragile students


Bargaining Update - The Word 3/14

Read the March Eastwind from the UniServe office


School Board votes 5-1 for unilateral implementation on March 22 of the Districts proposal from February 28th

THANK YOU to Carla Piluso for having the wisdom to realize the potential impact implementation will have on this community and being the only School Board member to vote NO!

THANK YOU to the 350+ members who stood together and said NO to a School Board and administration that would force their language when the community, parents, students and teachers have said it is a detriment to learning


March 7th Mediation Session at CAL

9:00am - the teams began their fourth mediation session by checking in with the state mediator
9:40am - the leadership group is meeting to discuss the format for the day
10:15am - the GBEA created a counter proposal which shows significant movement from thier past proposals and will present it to the district shortly
12:00pm - the GBEA is presenting their counter proposal to the state mediator
12:20pm - the GBEA presented a counter proposal to the district that showed significant movement in Salary, Insurance, Workload, Discipline, and Safety. The GBEA is waiting to hear a response from the District regarding their proposal

2:00pm - the District has refused to offer a counter proposal. The GBEA feels that our proposal made significant movement in an attempt to meet District needs.

Significant Movement by the GBEA was as follows:

4:15pm - the walking picket is starting now at CAL
6:00pm - the GBEA is taking questions to the district to try and understand their positions in more detail

9:30pm - the District has walked away from the bargaining table without giving the GBEA a proposal addressing the package proposal given to them this morning





Thank You to the 400+ GBEA Members who showed up to support the mediation session and/or school board meeting this past week.

Check out our new Blog and Photos pages.

Read about the proposed constitution change for the GBEA. All members will be asked to vote on it in the coming weeks, please be informed when you vote.

The GBEA Careers in Education Scholarship is now open for applications due by April 13th, 2012


Download the March GBEA Newsletter