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A Link You Can’t Ignore: Your Union and Your Salary
A new study by Georgia State University’s School of Policy Studies proves what union leaders have long believed: increased activity in a union can increase teaching salaries by as much as 18 to 28 percent for experienced teachers.
The study uses an econometric framework to explore how teacher salaries are set in the U.S. Determinants include teacher salaries in nearby districts, union activity in the district, union activity in neighboring districts, and other district characteristics.
(Today’s OEA, October 2010, Volume 85: Number 1)

Evening Pay

Remember to put those back to school night/open house hours on your time sheet according to the contract below.

Article 24 (p.51)
6.      Activities outside the Regular Workday
a.       The District may assign members up to two (2) evening or afternoon activities involving parent contact, outside the eight (8) hour day. Member time will be counted at no less than fifteen (15) minutes before the event begins and no less than fifteen (15) minutes after the event ends. These activities may be up to three (3) hours in length each. Compensation will be in minute-for-minute trade time or pay at a member's daily hourly pay rate. The member elects trade or pay.
Retain memo of understanding titled "Comp. Time and Duties." (Appendix B)
b.         Members who are authorized by administration and agree to participate in supervisory, professional or instructional responsibilities, other than those described above or those on the extra duty schedule, after the eight (8) hour day, will receive minute-for-minute compensation at the member's daily hourly pay rate.

IEP Meeting 30 Minutes of Extra Pay Has Expired

The Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) regarding IDEA meetings has expired. Please note that you can no longer put any extra time for IEP meetings that go beyond the workday on your time sheets in reference to this memorandum. The memorandum used to allow for 30 extra minutes of pay. In other words, at the beginning of an IEP meeting starting late in the workday, confirm with the person in charge of the meeting that the meeting will indeed end at the end of the workday. If you are in an IEP meeting which seems to go beyond building hours/work day, tactfully--in consideration of all attendants--remind the person in charge that the meeting needs to end and should maybe be rescheduled/reconvened at a different time.

Snow Days and Budget Reduction Days

Be aware that our contract allows the school board to require students to make up lost days due to inclement weather. This means, of course, that teachers have to make up those same days as well. Should snow days occur this year, there is a possibility that planned budget reduction days will be used for making up missed time.

Article 23 (p.49)
C.      Inclement Weather/Emergency Closure
Attendance shall not be required when student attendance is not required due to inclement weather. If the Board requires students to make up days lost due to inclement weather, then all members shall be required to fulfill their regular duties on these days. When students are dismissed early due to emergency closure (e.g. loss of electrical power), members may be reassigned for the remainder of the day or excused according to directions of the principal and district administration. No member will lose leave as a result of a school closure.


Cutting teachers pay is not the answer to fixing the economy researchers say. Link

Letter to Oprah after her discussion regarding "Waiting for Superman". Link


You should have all received your contracts by now and may have questions about how the budget reduction days affect your pay. Tom, Bargaining Chair, did the math. We are working 92 days under the first salary schedule (three cut days) and 91 days under the second salary schedule (five cut days). We are actually making slightly less than we did last year. There could be a slight difference at some steps due to rounding issues. In addition, make sure you check your first few paystubs for accuracy. Check your salary here.