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Rep Training

How to run a building meeting that lasts no longer than10 minutes. What is in our contract and where to find it. The duties of a building representative. What to do when a teacher is disciplined. How long bargaining a new contract can take. These are some topics that 15 GBEA BuildingRepresentatives learned at the Rep Training Sept. 16th at the East County Uniserv office. Perhaps your Building Rep attended, too?

East County Uniserv Consultant Susan Crumpton shared a lot of practical information with the reps. Members of the GBEA Executive Board weighed in with information as needed. Reps this year have a new tool to assist them in helping you: The Rep Handbook. A copy was assembled for each of the 37 Building Reps in the district. The GBEA is lucky this year to have both veteran and brand-new reps, along with everything in between. The thinking in scheduling training early in the year was to ensure that reps know about the expectations of the job as well as resources and support. Along with the training, the reps dined on Mexican food and many took home door prizes of large bags of candy or coffee and food gift certificates to Delirium and Lillian's.


If you have been wondering about the new movie "Waiting for Superman," the OEA president Gail Rasmussen may have some answers for you in her attached letter. In addition, she provides links to NEA talking points. These may help in sorting out your own thoughts on the issues, when friends and family ask questions about public education. Download


Political Activity Do's and Don'ts

Q: Can I wear political buttons, post sings and engage in conversation with colleagues where I am clearly supporting or opposing a candidate or ballot measure?
A: As a general rule you are free to express your personal political views even at the work site. However, the District may restrict that speech, if the speech is disruptive to the educational environment or where the public might believe that you are expressing the views of the public entity and not yourself personally.

Click here for more answers to similar questions and in depth information of what you can and can't do in regards to political activity at work.


GBEA Code of Conduct

In the beginning of every school year, we want to remind all members to take a minute to read the GBEA Code of Conduct


Political Action

OEA endorsed pro-public education candidates need your help!  The GBEA is scheduled to do phonebanking for these candidates from 4:30pm - 6:30pm on these nights:  October 4th, October 12th, October 13th, and October 19th.  Also, an OEA Canvass Day is scheduled on Saturday, October 16th from 9 - noon.  Please look for information from your Building Representative about signing up to help!

Additional information about the election can be found at this site:

 Questions? Email Regina Norris.


GBEA Executive Board 2010/11

Last year’s election brought some changes to the Executive Board. Please join us in thanking outgoing officers and welcoming the incoming ones. Thanks to Elijah Lee, Secretary, for your hard work and dedication during all those early morning meetings! Elijah is replaced by Frank Thomas. Welcome, Frank! We would also like to thank Cyrus Harshfield, President High School, and Kara Tison, President Elect High School. Welcome to Jean Black-Groulx, President Elect Elementary! The rest of the 2010/11 board consists of three officers in the middle of two-year terms (we are short a President Elect High School), as well as re-elected steadfast Treasurer Nancy Chase, and our re-appointed and dedicated two Chairs, Tom Urbanowicz, Bargaining, and Jan Speciale, Grievance.


Fellow GBEA members,

Welcome to our “new” website! Well, the new format of our website. All information posted here will from now on remain in chronological order much like a blog. We are hoping that by not overloading you with newsletters and flyers in your mailbox but by providing you with a link to this site at regular intervals, you will have answers to questions and access to information right at your fingertips at all times. Hope to see you back here again soon! Have a good year