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These Local Businesses Support Gresham-Barlow Teachers

Cafe Delirium

Sweet Betty's


Flying Pie Pizzeria

Elegantly Funky

Gold Art Jewelry

Elite Chiropractic and Wellness Center

April's Designer Jewelry

Williams and Sons Jewelers

Iris Salon

Dr. McKeel, DMD

Gresham Antiques and Collectibles

All About Kids

Frenzi Natural Frozen Yogurt


Healthy Alternatives

The Victorian House Antiques

Lil' Britches

Srisiamchai Thai

Legal Addiction Espresso

Glass Butterfly


Nicholas Restaurant

Sunny Hans

Hawaiian Beanz

Mt. Hood Chiropractic Clinic

Gresham Les Schwab Tire Center

Burns Feed Store

Jazzy Bagels

The Sign Shop

Buffalo Wild Wings



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Problems with iVisions. Every GBEA member needs to double check their leave accumulations in iVisions. Instructions will help you get into the system and find what iVisions says your leave accumulation is currently at, however you need to compare this to your past pay stubs from the district in order to determine if all of your leave has been added up correctly and is in the iVisions program. MULTIPLE MEMBERS HAVE ALREADY REPORTED PROBLEMS WITH THEIR LEAVE ACCUMULATIONS!! Some dating back to September of 2011. Please take a few minutes and review your leave, it could affect your retirement!


The state has begun adopting Common Core curriculum and materials, they even have some resources for teachers if you follow the link to their website


OEBB is changing its name to Moda and there have also been changes to both plans and prices for medical insurance; dental and vision have not changed significantly. Carriers will be at convocation in the fall. Read the information below and visit the Moda website for more information, you can also call them directly at 1-888-469-6322. Registration will be online, everyone will have to sign up.

Moda (OEBB) Plans for 2013-14

Insurance Cost Calculator for 2013-14

Insurance Pool Information for 2013-14

BRD & Calendar____________________________________

Budget Document from the District

If you read the above document carefully you will realize that no matter what funding level the state provides, $6.55 or $6.75 billion, the GBSD has decided to make cuts by reducing staff

The district approached the GBEA regarding changes to the newly adopted collective bargaining agreement in an attempt to create savings through budget reduction days. After careful consideration of the impact this could have regarding the recently announced RIF of GBEA members the GBEA has decided to accept four (4) BRD for the 2013-14 school year. The dates will be August 27, 28, 29 and March 21. This will result in next school year beginning a week later than usual. Teachers will report to work the day after Labor day, work for four (4) inservice days before students arrive and the first day for students to attend school will be on Monday, September 9. We thank all members for their heartfelt input regarding this process.

Calendars for 2013-14

Reduction in Force__________________________________

The GBEA RIF committee has been meeting with the district weekly to determine all necessary components of reduction as per the contract. Any member who was previously given a lot number will retain that number, only members who did not have a lot number from past RIF will be drawn. As seniority lists and certifications for licensure are determined individual members will be contacted and notified. If you have any questions regarding reduction please contact the GBEA RIF committee below.

Susan Crumpton -

Mark Kim -

Carol Bartha -

Or call the OEA office directly by calling 503-667-2324

Your association has received many questions regarding the RIF process, and we are hoping that we may clarify the process for everyone.  In the RIF process the district decides which programs or classes will be cut, as well as the total FTE to cut.  The GBEA's role is to help ensure that members' rights are protected in the process and that the contract is followed.  Specifically, we make sure that licensure and seniority are followed, and that the most senior members are offered the positions for which they are licensed and endorsed to teach.  This process does not guarantee that someone will stay in their preferred area of licensure or at their preferred school site.

There are a number of questions that are coming forward including what is the RIF committee doing? Simply put the GBEA RIF committee meets with the District weekly to review placement of staff as it evolves. This is a highly collaborative effort to prevent problems and contractual violations.  The process is more complicated this time, because many of the cuts the district is making are partial cuts in FTE. This has caused a number of staff to either have to move to a new building to retain their FTE, or to accept a position with reduced FTE.  The district is cutting 20-30 FTE this year, but the impact of that cut reaches far beyond 30 people.

 Many members are looking to understand where they stand on the seniority list. Technically, members are ordered for each area they are licensed and endorsed to teach. When there are ties for seniority, the members are assigned lot numbers. The law requires that ties are broken by lot. Where there are no ties, there are no lot numbers as the seniority date is sufficient to create an order.  So if a member is licensed and endorsed to teach three different things, they will be placed on three different lists; one for each area.  We don’t generally share the personnel information of other members;  However, if you are impacted and you have questions regarding where you stand on the lists relative to others in your area of licensure then please contact a member of the RIF committee. All contact information is listed above for the GBEA RIF committee.

Unemployment Information___________________________

If you are a teacher who has been notified of an upcoming RIF for next school year you may be eligible for unemployment benefits starting this summer. Download and read this booklet to find out about eligiblity and benefits

You can also watch this video from the Department of Employment that explains how to file an initial claim for unemployment benefits.


Download the New Teacher Evaluation Standards that have been put out by the State of Oregon.

Overall a teacher will be evaluated on professional practice, professional responsibilities, and student performance. Student performance must be a "significant" part of teacher evaluation


2011-2014 Contract


Download and read the PERS FAQ sheet from OEA about possible changes

How will the changes to PERS effect your retirement? Use the PERS calculator to find out.

OEA Class Size Initiative is now happening. What's your number?


GBEA Dues Increase Approved

Your GBEA Rep Council voted unnamiously to raise dues by $75, making them $200 per year starting next school year 2013-14. Why would we ask for this at this time? Some of the reasons include: Our budget will not be balanced if we don't increase dues or drastically cut spending on member services. We already cut 20K from member services and GBEA expenses to balance this year's budget. Bargaining a fair contract costs money and we go back into bargaining in the spring of 2014 With the recent trend in long and contentious bargains, we have bargained 7 out of 10 past years. GBEA dues have not increased since before the turn of the millennium--1997. GBEA membership has dropped from RIF and, with it, dues money to support the association that supports that membership.


Crisis Information from the NEA

School Crisis Guide, Teacher Tools, and Parent Tools

Wear Red for Public Ed

Tuesday's are “Wear Red for Public Ed” days where everybody across America is asked to wear something red to show support for our nation’s public education system.

The idea originated in January of 2011 with teachers, parents and students in Florida who were upset with some of the current reforms in public education.

While wearing red on Tuesday won't solve any of the real problems facing public education, it will show that there are plenty of us out there who support public education, have an opinion about public education, and want our voices to be heard regarding public education.  Hopefully this will be the first step in the long overdue process of letting those who are actually involved first-hand in America's public education system--administrators, educators, parents, and students--have a say in what happens to it.


From the California Federation of Teachers ( an animated video explains economic inequality, need for wealthy to pay fair share of taxes

Tax the rich: An animated fairy tale, is narrated by Ed Asner, with animation by award-winning artist Mike Konopacki, and written and directed by Fred Glass for the California Federation of Teachers.  The 8 minute video shows how we arrived at this moment of poorly funded public services and widening economic inequality. Things go downhill in a happy and prosperous land after the rich decide they don't want to pay taxes anymore. They tell the people that there is no alternative, but the people aren't so sure.  This land bears a startling resemblance to our land.  After you watch this video, click here to share with friends, and send an email to your elected officials to let them know they need to restore higher federal tax rates on the wealthy so that we may once more enjoy properly funded public services.